New Website Design

I am happy to be launching my new design! Hoping this blog works okay – it’s so hard to understand how all the coding will work!

Currently in Boston with family working on grad school applications and being a bum. I’m so glad to have the chance to redesign the site with iWeb being discontinued. I even have a gallery on my Design page! Only took me a couple of hours…

I generally don’t blog too much as a rule at the risk of taking too much time out of creative work/job stuff/app stuff.


The most exciting news so far – I fully revised my play WHARPED; How to Build a BOMB. It’s a totally new work now, and I’m really proud of my rewrites.I think that since I’ve worked on The Translators, I have grown as a writer, and now I was able to give the play the focus/balance it needed.

I am also almost done with grad school apps! So close, yet so far…

A few more tweaks on the website. More coming soon.


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