I’ve had trouble writing description. I started drawing landscapes, figuring that might help me actually describe places in my fiction… Has it help? Jury is still out. But here are the resulting dream-scapes.

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I Could Finish Writing My Novella… OR…

Procrastination Stage 4: Design a Cover (that will never be used) for an Unfinished Work

Let’s hope this illustrative phase isn’t fatal – good thing I at least have some more of the novella written by hand. Plus a spreadsheet. Two spreadsheets. Two color-coded spreadsheets. A non-linear writer’s best friend!


(The version on my computer is less saturated but I can’t get the jpeg to look the same…ugh… technology.)

Blogging Confession

I haven’t blogged in… a long time. Every year around New Years I think, maybe this is the year that I will transform into that cool chick with a blog. I am getting better at personal¬† writing though! All thanks to an amazing personal essay class at NC State – where I’m a grad student.

I love the program so far! At first I went through a paranoid phase, why is everyone this friendly? I’m a Texan, I know friendly, but we’re not that friendly. Is everyone in Raleigh a part of a hive mind that is luring me in with kindness only to later eat my internal organs and fill my skin-sack with a parasite from outer space? Well, not yet, anyway…

If I do end up writing some awesome nonfiction, the folks in NC tell me that it’s the kind of thing you sell and that you don’t give it away for free. So lets hope I get one day post of a link to something published and bitchin’…

Hasta Luego,