Meet Aide to Ambassador Hiyya

Aide to Ambassador Hiyaa is a member of the alien species Urvolkzev. Humans, largely because they’re totally uneducated in other space cultures, refer to these aliens as “wolf-men” or simply “wolves.”

Yes, Aide to Ambassador Hiyya bears a certain resemblance to a wolf, and it’s part of what makes him so unsettling. The Aide is the ambassador’s “right hand man.” In fact, he does so much of the work it’s sometimes hard to know just which one of them is calling the shots.

To Be Fair: He does help out certain heroes – from time to time. You can’t really blame him for being angry with the Translators, after all they’ve done.  He’s definitely a villain… but exactly what crimes has he committed? And what degree of punishment does he truly deserve?

When We First See Meet the Wolf

He is shmoozing at a Translator party. A very smooth-talking being, he tells everyone he’s their friend, but our heroes can’t help but distrust him.

Despite his polite disposition, make no mistake, he’s out for one thing and one thing only – to secure the future of the powerful Urvolkzev empire.