Meet B. Abel

B. Abel is Highest High Councilor’s chosen henchman. He’s a Translator who’s not afraid to “remove the influence” of his enemies and make it look like an unfortunate, if fatal, accident.

Known for wearing golden robes and distributing a blue powder narcotic, B. Abel is not subtle. From tracking down Subjects of Dissatisfaction, battling terrorists and interrogating dissenters to getting lost souls hooked on blue powder – B. Abel is one dangerous being.

His least favorite species: humanity.

To be fair: humanity’s hardly innocent. Besides, he’s not wrong about the need to take on the establishment within the Translators’ hierarchy. He’s also loyal, just not to our heroes. The means he uses is deplorable, but are the ends really so evil?

When We First Meet B. Abel

He’s disposing of a body and happens to be observed by another character. While many Translators are corrupt they don’t like to get their hands dirty, but B. Abel’s not afraid to step in and do some of the heavy lifting. Even if it means removing a body or two…